Ahad, 21 September 2014

Iphone 6 Malaysian Price

Yeah...for Apple Super Die Hard fans out there,, finally Apple introduce the new Iphone 6!..
Eventhough i am not a Apple Fans,, [ Because i am not as rich as you guys.. ] lol..

There you go!...

As you can see from the comparison above, the retail price of the iPhone 6 (4.7”) is the same as the retail price of iPhone 5s during its launch (except for minor difference in France and U.K.). Of course, with the removal of 32GB variant and the addition of 128GB, the new iPhones can be considered as cheaper for the 64GB and 128GB options because you’re paying the same price for double the storage.

iPhone 6 Malaysia price estimation:
  • 16GB – RM2,399
  • 64GB – RM2,749
  • 128GB – RM3,149
iPhone 6 Plus Malaysia price estimation:
  • 16GB – RM2,749
  • 64GB – RM3,149
  • 128GB – RM3,549
Ready to break your bank?, 
Nah..i am not..since it doesnt impress me....LIKE...Never Impress me.. 

But..it is still can be consider a High Class SmartPhone compared to any other Smartphone Manufacturer like Samsung,Sony, etc

For now, im just keep using my OLD Ninetology Insight...*SIGH*
No, money...what to do...lol 

Been One years++....and keep on n on..

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