Rabu, 24 September 2014

How To Play Clash of Clans On PC or Any Google Play Apps

Salam and Hey everyone i know most of us dont have an Android Tablet or maybe feels like doesn't need one..For me personally i dont think that i need a tablet since they have the same function with my phone.

Eventhough i feels some of the games are trully addicted. for example Clash of Clan , stilll i wont buy a tablet lah..but i found one Software that can be install on PC..so that we can enjoy playing Google Play Games! Yippe!  

Its called Bluestacks

You have to download it from its website and installed it just like u having a new tablet!

Sign in using your google play email that u use for your smart phone! . Dont Worry even you install any game on Bluestack...it Wont install it on your phone automatically!!  isnt that good?,, we dont have to spend more loadshit of memory on our phone just to play games...lol..

(lalala..u have to wait its loading)

(Now You officially have a Brand New Tablet in ur PC!..lol Click on any game u want to play)

(It will automatically appear like this after u click on any game/apps)
Choose "Existing" and enter ur gmail account

And in few Second..BOOM!... u are now ready to play ur own game using your New Tablet...


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