Khamis, 13 Disember 2012

Kehidupan Sepanjang Tahun 2012


Ehem..speaking sikit,,baru ada style write blog in english..heheh..

BLOG, is where you share what you want to anyone u want,, so its not a problem if i want to write about my self...just for just sharing the big event tht happen throughout 2012 until today.

From the beginning of 2012,

1.Have a GF
Im glad the best thing ever happen is tht hv a GF,, keh3..and soon shes goin to convert even though i know im not a good guy to guide her,but at least im trying

2.Been to South Korea
 I ve never plan going to Korea, but UM have made my dream comes true...

Seriously,snow is just like Air Batu Campur [ABC]...

haha..promote korea..seriously BEST of The BEST EVENT in 2012

3.Winning Silver Medal for Skuasy UM Tournament
Our effort have been paid, we have start training from the start of this semester EVERYDAY.Its like from ZERO to HERO.Even though im not the best player in our team,,but hey,,atleast im contributing point to my team..heheh..

As being predicted, we cant win against 6th College, way too strong.

4.For the First time My laptop being Stolen d one who are very careless put laptop in my dad car without supervision, im having a breakfast at famous restaurant "ZAMAN" enjoy their famous Nasi Lemak but then end up all document,laptop n my dad medicine being stole after that. Its to remind us next time to be very carefull...

Only Box were left

When i think bec,,everything happen..there must be a reason behind it.....

5. Move to new House,
Currently no longer live in new house is in Kuala Kangsar,Perak...feel free to visit..heheh,, oh i oso have the pic of my new house..

Wakaka..sapa percaya?..better not.. i haven't goin bec to my new house,,this weekend i will visit my parent at my new maybe tht time i will take some pic.

BTW, December is halfway through..its the end of 2012...what about yours?..share it,give comment and i will go to your blog...thanks for reading..have a Good Day

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saya gemuk saya comel..^^ berkata...

syiokkknyaaa koreaa..ermm..ada gf lg syok..hik ;)

Malek Ku berkata...

yup2 =)

Anwar Naim berkata...

menarik pengalaman :)

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