Rabu, 18 April 2012

Have Anyone Been In a Long Distance Relationship?

Hi everyone..i don't have much to say, i know i have not frequently update my blog.Why? It is :

+ Because of lately i've been through a lot of Problem..its an emotion problem..but still.... i can control it

+ Because of Laziness yang melampau nak update blog

I just wanna ask you...Have you been in a Long Distance Relationship?

If Yes :

1) What would you do if you miss him/her?

A) Lets Meet!!! even its far away [in case tht you have a lot of money to travel]
B) Ignore the feeling, and thinking that...long distance relationship is nonsense mah!
C) Termenung and cry alone..and singing a "forever alone" song~~

2) What would you give on his/her birthday?

A) Bagi hadiah lar even its far and costly
B) Call him/her all night long until your mouth bubbles up and die together while talking on phone [due to too   much talking]
C) Just Ignore, and simple wish for him/her

3) How did you solve the relationship problem?

A) Break up..and cry..and couple again..and break up and cry and couple again and break up and cry and couple again....bla bla bla..again n again n again..
B) Thinking that it is difficult to solve and there is no room for cheater [if he/she do that]..so..lets break up [i do hate cheater, even im one of them...long time ago hehehe]
C) Wht ever it is..I would never give up as long as both of us love each other.and then makan hati sorg2.hahah

Long Distance Relationship Needs:

Travel [maybe once a year/ few years]

We did not afraid to travel,,but what we afraid of is when he/she travel....and this happen..


Anyway...she is not too far...but for me its far enough..

Its 1622.65 kilometers (km)

I know there is a lot more couple who have been or in a Long distance relation...but hey..be strong, time will pass by if u have enuf sleep...hehehe...

c ya..  

4 ulasan:

hana berkata...

tabah lah..

Chichi berkata...

i am. but not as far as yours...but it's quite a distance for me too, KK-Sandakan. huhu

dulu, dia kat Sarawak...sa kat Sabah. 1 1/2 tahun, byk jg dugaan kami. tp syukur lah, bila dia da keja kami makin dekat, tp masi jauh jg. huhuhu~

apa pun, jujur itu penting. sentiasa percaya ngn pasangan anda, insyaALLAH klu ada j0d0h takkan ke mana jua. :)

Malek Ku berkata...

ya,,tabah ja la..apa lagi buleh buat..sob3...nice sharing chichi.. =).ya..honesty is important

CiK GorGeouS ! berkata...

hey, LDR is awesome okayy :) no worries, we are in the same boat u know...just go with the fLow =)

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