Khamis, 6 Januari 2011

Open Multiple Yahoo Messengers and Use Different IDs Simultaneously

Woah....2 thumbs up...finally i know how to open two yahoo messenger other tutorial..i must write in english..although my english is really bad...haha.. want your yahoo messenger appear like this?

Haha..actually you can open up to 5 yahoo messenger....or maybe more..coz i havent try open more than 5.

Ok...heres How...

1. Click START
2. choose RUN
3. Type regedit
4. click OK or press enter
5. When the registry window appears, click the following on the registry tree (left side):

6. Go to the right side of the screen (under Default) then press the right button on your mouse (right click)
7. Choose DWORD value (press enter)
8. Rename it as Plural (capital P) (press enter)
9. Double click on Pural then put 1 as a value data. (Press enter)
10. Close the registry window

Then Youre done!!!! wohoo....

Now double click on yahoo messenger icon.. and wait until it opens another Yahoo Messenger! (wait till it opens)---for Yahoo Messenger 8 and 9

For Yahoo Messenger 10, you have to click on that icon again to open another Yahoo Messenger.. then you are done...

Yeap...oh..I am not responsible if something goes wrong with your PC ok..c ya!

But i already try this and its work!

Credit to : BuddyBlog

2 ulasan:

Miza Yusof berkata...

wow! menarik :)
thanks berkongsi :)

Malek Ku berkata...

ur welc

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