Isnin, 10 Januari 2011

Handmade Underwear...Save Cost


Ok..have you buy new underwear for this year? shouldnt buy a new one...all you have to do is just make a new one..i some innovation maybe to your old underwear....heheh willl need

needle + thread (or sewing machine)
chalk (or pencil)
seam ripper

old underwear (or pattern)
mesh fabric (moisture wicking microfibers)
strip of fabric elastic
or depend on which fabric you prefer...

tools + materials

First, measure the elastic that wrap around your waist...


Next, cut the fabric..if you alredy  decide your underwear size...or you can just cut the same size like d ol one.

trace template

Then, all you need to do is to sew the fabric..make sure it is align with the elastic rubber

Since the only colour available in this particular type of  fabric was white, it makes for boring underwear. chose to embellish mine with a small patch..any patch tht u want.

also sewed in the tab from the old underwear. to make it looks like a branded item...hehe...While the material composition on the old label does not match the new fabric, the size is correct and it gives the product a more finished look.


Last but not least....try-lah!..haha...dont one knows either it is branded o not...lolx

try \

cute right..have small bird patch there...heheh

10 ulasan:

A.B.U berkata... not using how?
ngeh3...owh3...d last line "have a small bird" - which bird d' u talkin 2?eeeewww...hahaha

Putri_Aizat berkata...

LOL ; )

xueryn berkata...

kdekot giler!!!hahaha..:D

[AMR]ReenaRawee berkata...

kiut mcm beby pny je..

Malek Ku berkata...

gotcha! i noe pak abu din wear underwear..kah3!....haha..small blue bird patch..not d other bird!..haha

xkdekot...tapi saving tuh...heheh

memang pun...macam baby punya pun ada...lagi saving..kalau yg ada anak bleh share underwear ni ngn anak..haha

analia buyani berkata...

haha..cute la jugak tu..ekekeke~

NadiRah berkata...

baby okay lah...
bab nak share ngan baby tu, geli2 perut rasa..kih3

Malek Ku berkata...

cute?..buleh buat satu..xpakai..buat hadiah pun buleh..haha..

xpe..anak branak xpatut rasa geli2 perut..=P

ijatnuar87 berkata...

hehhehe...cute nih...boleh ambik tempahan wat suar dalam nih....

amna berkata...

kelakar la.. mcm mna agknya perasaan pakai. haha

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