Ahad, 28 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse !!

Did you know this girl? im pretty sure you are not..this girl is only 10 years old and have been raped by 24 yr *%*&%& pervert man!..this poor little girl didnt know anything yet about sex life..uh.. luckily that guy have been caught n jail for 18 yr..but i think 18 yr didnt mean anything for him..we should hang it upside down in d public!..yeah thats ruthless..no mercy!! 

Who is this??..her sister-lah..age 14 and have lovebite + already have 17 yr old pervert boyfie that seat for SPM !!

Mazidul Akmal Sidek conversation :

"Siapa buat love bites di leher?,".

"Boyfriend lah," balasnya selamba sambil tersenyum. 

Uh..this girl ah..really cant think her future..i think it is better to send her  to "Sekolah Harapan" eventhough she didnt preg yet..atleast she can  gain somethin for her future..Hm..

The above picture is their oldest sister!!!!...well..this is their "taiko" that give license to other sisters...Hm.. did you notice her stomach? oh soo cute...we've got baby and im just 16 yr old...all of them are under age!!.. 

Im really3 surprise that her boyfriend also live in d same house....

And have been arrested for drug abuse...

The saddest part is when they have to take her boyfriend to the police station.......and...they heard someone said

"B! B! Macam mana ni?"

But the guy didnt give response....

Really sad tho........I hope this wont happen again and again..what if this happen to our family? please be aware of your brother and sister on what they r doing,their friend.. no need to stalk.. but a least we know who is their friend..Stop Child Abuse!

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