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Malaysia’s top 10 fastest rising searches on Google [14/11/2010]

Ever monday..NST iaitu News Straits Times wil release Malaysia' Top 10 Fastest rising search... ok jgk...saja2 just for fun kan...jom tengok  bulan ni punya..apa rakyat Malaysia dok cari2....

1. Deepavali wishes
Malaysians go online to find unique ways to celebrate the Festival of Lights and how best to wish their Hindu friends and family members a happy Deepavali.

2. Unstoppable
Oscar winner Denzel Washington and Chris Pine team up with renowned director Tony Scott in this action-thriller, which opened in local cinemas on Nov 11.

3. Petronas Chemical IPO
Applications opened on Nov 1 and closed on the 9th. The company is expected to raise capital of RM3.5 billion from its offering of 2.48 billion shares.

Interest in the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry (LPPKN) reached a new high after the Ministry hosted the fourth East Asia Ministerial Forum on Family from Nov 8-10, which was attended by key decision makers and top officials from 14 countries.

5. Emma Watson
A photo of her, topless, and which Watson claims to be a fake, has been making the rounds through email among students of Brown University, where she studies.

6. Jessica Alba
A series of personal photos showing the actress lifting her shirt and revealing her belly during her pregnancy in 2008 has popped up online and gone viral.

7. Keputusan UPSR
A total of 494,493 Standard Six students nationwide felt shivers down their spines when results of the Primary School Assessment Test (UPSR) were released on Nov 11.

8. Cuti sekolah 2010
Students nationwide prepare to go crazy when the end-of-year school holidays kick off on Nov 20.

9. Fasha Sandha
Photos of the local actress dressed as a “sexy genie” during a Halloween party at a night club have been highlighted by numerous gossip and entertainment websites and blogs.

10. Firefly
The wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines is offering 50,000 one-way seats to Sabah and Sarawak (starting Jan 15, 2011) at RM9 from Nov 8-14.

11. Sayasukamalek.blogspot.com
The most fastest rising popularity blog which is written by a Mysterious blogger name "Malek Ku" about Malaysian current issues,entertainment and many others...haha

Okey..yang elok carilah..yang xelok jgn... =) ...bila lah nama aku nak masuk list nih..hahaha..

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