Isnin, 8 November 2010

Kindergarten Test!..So You Think You r Smart Enuf?

Some kindergarten kids were asked:

To which direction is the bus heading?

Funny bus - kindergarten test

Do you know the answer ?

There are only 2 possible answers : left and right.

Think. You still don’t know the answer?









OK. I will tell you. The kindergarten kids have answered “left”.

When asked why, they said:

- Because you can’t see the doors...hehe..interesting..

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si biskut berkata...


` Yi Han berkata...

Fwoah, didnt expect that answer from the kindergarden kid :D

Putri_Aizat berkata...

hehe...terror lah dak tuh...aku pun tak terpikir...

Admiral Hafiz berkata...


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