Saturday, October 30, 2010

No Time to Study!

Time to Study ?

Hi Friends, 

It Is No Fault Of Student Becoz A Year Has Only 365 Days. 

Days In A Year = 365 

Sundays = 52 Days 
Sundays Are Meant For Rest 

Days Left = 313 Days 

Summer Vacations = 60 Days 

Weather Is Very Hot, and its a Vacation 

Days Left = 253 Days 

8 Hours Of Daily Sleep = 122 Days 
Sleep Is Necessary 

Days Left = 131 

1 Hour Daily For Play = 15 Days 
Its Good For Health 

Days Left = 116 Days 

2 Hours Daily For Food = 30 Days 
Chew The Food Properly Don't Care For Time 

Days Left = 86 Days 

Examination Days In A Year = 30 Days 
Giving Exams Is Necessary 

Days Left = 56 Days 

Winter Vacations = 25 Days 

Weather Is Cold Its Difficult To Study 

Days Left = 31 Days 

Other Holidays = 20 Days 

These Holidays Are To Enjoy 

Days Left = 11 Days 

Illness At least Once A Year = 8 Days 
Becoz Of Illness Study Is Difficult 

Days Left = 3 Days 

Result Days = 3 Days 
Going And Taking Result Is Necessary 

Days Left =0 Days 

So Tell Me Where Is The Time To Study?


MyZone~theUn4given said...

still have time counting day left??hihihi..btw gud luck 4 your study...:)

ken said...

haha true! :P

Mardhiah said...

alasan... ngeee

dimana ada kemahuan, disitu ada highway...

hendak sejuta daya, tak hendak berbillion dalih...

Malek Ku said...

trueeee laaah..bukn alasan...hehe

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