Jumaat, 24 September 2010

A Reason Why She Doesnt Wear Hijab

hoping everybody is in good health an Iman,I'm going to write something that may be interesting about a situation.

Some days ago I went with my husband and children.While my children were playing at the play garden,I met 2 maroccan women who made friendship with me,they were particularly surprised that I wore at the "islamic" way,because they didn't wear any hijab neither they were "Castfully" dressed.one of them asked me why I liked to wear at the "arabic" way.I answered that I wore in pudic manner because I am muslimah,even if I'm not maroccan.I asked them if they were muslims,thay answered "yes" with embarassement.I talked with the one women who stand with me and word after word I asked her why didn't she wear hijab like me,why didn't she give an example to other muslim sisters?!
She became red on her face and just told me that I was right and that she should have been an example for me,by the way that she is muslimah by birth.she answered me that she doesn't wear hijab in a firm way because she has problem with finding a job and she is stressed..I rested in silence,then I wished for her that Allah may guide her to the right path.

By myself there is no excuse for a woman who wears jeans and t-shirt in front of her children and then she says to be muslimah.

what would you have said,if you were at my place?

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