Isnin, 14 Jun 2010

7 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Brain Power !

Ok..saya tau ramai orang diluar sana yang nak mempower-kan brain mereka..jadi saya buat research bersama Dr. Richard Restak..haa seorang pakar neurologist..hehe...percaya jangan xpercaya..saya buat research ni....

1. Learn a word a day. Get into the habit of learning even one new word every day.harini blajar batu,besok kayu,lusa mcm3 lagi.. That comes to over 350 words a year, or 3,000 words per decade! (Not bad la kn, since the functional vocabulary of the average adult pun about 10,000 words.) Learning words, scientists have discovered, engages the brain’s language centers, frontal lobes and memory circuits. It’s like aerobics for your brain.hehe..blejar satu perkataan satu hari...ok ape..cmbest jer..

2. Play video games. When used wisely,ingat!WISELY video games can increase your sensory sensitivity and rapid responsiveness, allowing you to see more and respond more quickly and more accurately to simultaneously occurring lepas ni selalu lah maen game yek..

3. Appreciate the arts. Music enhances language and verbal skills and instrumental music training enhances brain amik la tin2 kosong...maen ketuk2 bagi yg xder music instrument okay?..hehe Playing an instrument also improves fine finger dexterity, which enhances longevity.

4. Maintain a healthy weight. It’s very important to keep your body physically fit because it’s been found that obesity is the biggest liability in leading to dementia later in life.So...kurangkan berat badan anda...ini amat penting yer... Most important, obesity causes a decrease in a person’s functional abilities, such as intelligence, mental acuity, cognitive flexibility and concentration.SAY NO TO OBESITY

5. Walk. Walking one mile every day will reduce your likelihood of developing dementia by 50 percent!! But, if you don’t have the time, a brisk 45-minute walk three times a week will prevent many of the brain changes associated with aging.

6. Jenga..Ha..mesti ade jgk antara kiter yg xtau jeng ni ape benda? mental n physical game...senang..yg maen tarik2 ni...

7. Napping..tidor la apelagi...memang telah dibuktikan oleh Dr Richard Restak ni...tidur pun boleh increase kita punya memori..yelah..otak pun nk rehat kan.....tapi jgn pula tidor berlebihan!...Selamat mencuba..c ya!!

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